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taylormosby said: Thanks for messaging me back! You are probably one of my biggest inspirations ever because I want to do exactly what you're doing someday. STAY AWESOME.

Haha… rad to hear! Hearing that from people keeps me motivated, so thank you. Good luck with your new Tumblr and thanks for the shout out in your post ;) -Laura

jeff-edwards said: I haven't been this excited about someone's work in a long time. You take amazing photos.

Damn. That’s awesome to hear. Thank you!

inspiredbymadness said: amazing blog. seriously. litrally one of my favorites in ages. keep it up xxxx (and stealing my url gosh xx)

Favorite in ages?! Haha, well thanks… glad you like it. And as far as the URL, I guess great minds think alike ;) - Laura

Alex asked: I love the blog.  I’m in the Navy and being out at sea can get old quick so it’s nice to check out some great photos when I have the opportunity, see something other than the ocean for a change. 

That’s really cool to hear, makes it worth taking time to post photos everyday. Glad I can keep your eyeballs entertained every now and then. Good luck at sea, hope you aren’t one to get seasick.

johnnysvision-deactivated201407 said: Hey, hope you are well. I am a photography student living in Oxford and been following your work for a few years now. I find the way in which you work super interesting and your images are inspiring. Have you got any plans on visiting the UK I would love the opportunity to spend a day or two assisting or simply meeting up for a coffee and shadowing you as you did with Ian Ruhter... that short film was beautiful. When I finish my studies I would love to work in lots of areas as you do. Johnny x

Hey Johnny… Really flattered to hear you have been following my work. I just checked your your photo site and you definitely have a good eye. I like your style. I’m glad you liked that video I did with Ruhter… I’m pretty amateur when it comes to video stuff, but it is definitely fun to mess around with. Ian’s project is so inspiring so it was cool to witness it firsthand. No plans of making it out to UK in the near future, but if that changes I will definitely let you know. -Laura

bgirlbrii-deactivated20130227 said: Hey Laura! I’m Brianne (if that wasn’t obvious from my url lol) and I first learnt of your amazing work in snowboarder mag! Since then I have been following you on FB, Tumblr and Twitter! I am very inspired by your photography – you are extremely talented! I am humbled by the beauty you capture and I wanted to let you know how much I respect your ability and how much your pictures have touched me! All the best xoxox I look forward to seeing more!

Wow… thanks so much. Very flattered to hear you have been following my work. Messages like this keep me motivated to go out and do more, so thank you, I really do appreciate it.

petalligators said: Didn't realize how many of your personal photos I had reblogged before - Your photos are captivating and I'm more than a little jealous of the places you've been to. Can't wait to see more!

Ha! Happy to hear you like my photos, and thanks for reblogging them. Instead of being jealous of the places I have been you should go out and make me jealous ;)

zannewong said: Hi, my name is Zanne and I discovered your work via Snowboarder Mag's website and am completely in love with it. I'm just starting out as a photographer and was hoping you could help me out. I was just wondering how you started off your career and made it to be a snowboarding photographer! If you had any hints or tips for me. Thank you! Love your work!<3

Thanks Zanne… really flattered you like my work. So you want to be a snowboard photographer? My best advice is to shoot as much as possible even if you aren’t getting paid for it. Grab some friends that snowboard and tell them you want to go shoot for the day. Experience is the best way to learn, and if you put your work out there and it is good… people will take notice.

There  are so many kids out there who pick up a camera and instantly want to be published photographers. I don’t think those people are in it for the right reasons. You have to learn to love what you are doing wether you are getting paid or not, and if you are truly passionate about it… it will show in your work.

I never expected to be a photographer, but I loved shooting photos and constantly put them on my blog/facebook etc. Eventually someone took notice and asked me if I would be interested in covering events for them. One thing led to another and here I am. If you are good at what you do, and people see that, you are bound to get a lucky break.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help.


hayday said: Love your pictures - what do you shoot with?

Aw thanks. My main camera when I am shooting something specific is a Canon 5D (pre Mark II)… but the camera I have on me at all times for a point-n-shoot is a Panasonic Lumix GF1. Amazing little camera.